Monday, February 15, 2016

Voting...Your Right...Your Responsibility

Voters hold the power, and with power comes responsibility. It is time to start voting based on issues. It is time to start voting for the man or woman who is ready to work for the people and not the man or woman who wants that title or position for the power or title. Regardless of who you choose to support, make sure that your choice is based on the facts, and not because of crowd sentiment. Make sure that you make your choice is based on your own core beliefs, and not because of the bully sentiment on social media.

When we, as voters, exercise our power responsibly then maybe....just maybe...we will start seeing more responsible people step up and take the lead. We need leaders, not only at the national level but all the way down to the local level.

This is our time...this is our chance. This very well may be our last opportunity to save America. Voting may be the most important thing you do this year. Take it seriously, do it wisely and make it count.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Ebola in New York...What We Know

Dr. Craig Spencer's picture from Facebook

Dr. Craig Spencer worked with Doctors Without Borders and had just recently returned from treating Ebola patients in Guinea....returning through New York's JFK International Airport. While Mayor Bill de Blasio states that very few people had contact with him, The New York Times reports that he traveled by subway from Manhattan to Brooklyn last night. He then visited a bowling alley and took a taxi home. It is reported that he was self-monitoring and checking his temperature regularly. This morning he had 103 fever and was admitted to Bellevue Hospital. This afternoon he tested positive for Ebola.

More to come.....

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Military Funerals Cut....Where is the Honor??

A United States Veteran should have a funeral and burial full of honor.

According to the Department of Defense:

Public Law 106-65 requires that every eligible Veteran receive a military funeral honors ceremony, to include folding and presenting the United States burial flag and the playing of Taps. The law defines a military funeral honors detail as consisting of two or more uniformed military persons, with at least one being a member of the Veteran's parent service of the armed forces

Because of Federal budget cuts our Veteran's will now have to go without the final salute they so greatly deserve. Of course, there will probably be many volunteer organizations and individuals that step up and try to close the gap, but should this not be the responsibility of our government to step up and show appreciation for the sacrifice and service? If our government can provide food stamps and welfare to those who can afford I phones, Escalades and weekly nail appointments is it asking too much to give these brave men and women one last ceremonious send off?

Governor Bobby Jindal of Louisiana is calling the Obama Administration out and asking for a reversal of these cuts. The reductions are a result of the across-the-board reductions enacted by Congress, known as sequestration. I think we all remember the sequestration. This was when the President closed down the public memorials and tried to barricade the Veteran's from visiting. They may have been enacted by Congress but Jindal's office claims that the Obama Administration chose what was cut and how.

This is appalling and every American should be standing up and saying NO MORE! Our men and women have sacrificed and fought enough. It's OUR turn...we should stand and fight for them. This total lack of respect for our Military needs to stop now.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Prepping Tidbits....Great Links to Info

100 Items That Disappear First in a Crisis

In the event of a Ebola crisis or any other kind of Pandemic it would be very important to know how to isolate a sick family member or create a "sick room"

Purifying Your Water with Bleach....sometimes boiling may not be an option

Pandemic Flu Checklist....could be adapted for any scenario such as preparing to stay in during an Ebola outbreak. This is a great wealth of information and would be great to print.

Prepping 101....NOT Doomsday...Just Common Sense

First of all let me begin by making it clear I am no Doomsday Prepper. While the show can be entertaining and may even make some people THINK, I can not imagine one person with common sense going on national TV and telling the world what they have and where it is. With that being said and out of the way, I will say that I believe EVERYONE should at least have some kind of game plan in their head to care for their family in a "what if" crisis.

What if ISIS does blah, blah, blah....
What if there's a problem with the water.....
What if we have a hurricane....
What if we are without power for extended time....
What if there is a huge ice storm....
What if Ebola or Enterovirus 68 spreads.....
What if my spouse looses his/her job....

I think you get the picture. There are 1001 scenarios that could seriously disrupt your household at any given time. Have you though it out or are you leaving it to chance? Any responsible person with half a brain in their head has to realize that depending on the Government or any other entity to take care of you and yours would be a foolhardy plan. They may come, but it could take a lot of precious time with all of the red-tape. Remember Katrina?? Remember Sandy?

"Prepping" does not make you a right-wing extremist. Look at it as an investment. If you pick up extra cans or boxes here and there, and a month down the line your spouse looses his/her job you will be thankful you had provisions set aside. If you continue building a reasonable stockpile and there is an illness in the home you won't have to leave to get soups or meds. I know of many times when I have been caring for sick children and husband is working. I couldn't take off to the store, but I was OK because I had what was needed because I planned ahead.

Now that we have discussed a few logical disruptions, we need to discuss the out-of-the-ordinary scenarios....

At this very moment we have had 2 confirmed cases of Ebola and several that the Government transferred here. Never in history has Ebola been on American soil. This deadly disease has the potential to claim many lives if something is not done. Remember what we just discussed about waiting on Government? Well in this case they are not coming to help us...they seem to be helping the disease. Air travel to and from the infected countries are non-stop. Our borders are wide open. Not only are we concerned with Ebola, but we are also dealing with Enterovirus 68. This nasty virus has claimed many young children and we have not even hit flu season. Everything has a cause and effect. Public panic could very well be lurking around the corner. It would not be so far-fetched to wake up and see that there are several confirmed cases and that could light a fire under the general public. Do YOU want to try to battle the folks at Walmart, Costco or Sam's who are scared beyond belief? I don't like battling Sally and Sue at Walmart on Saturday, and I certainly have no desire to be fighting for the last gallon of water or can of soup.

Walmart and other major grocery chains look like they have an abundance of stock, but the actual truth is that there is only enough stock for about 2-3 days. Where do they get their stock? Truckers. If you were a trucker would you put yourself in harm's way during some sort of crisis to transport a load to a grocery store or from a warehouse? I wouldn't. So what happens when the trucks don't arrive? Hmmmm...something to think about.

Of course some may say this is taking it to the extreme....maybe so....but it is a thought process. It's kind of like thinking what am I going to do if I run out of gas before I get to the gas station. Working out different scenarios to see if you could make it is only prudent.

Here's another scenario.....

You decide you'll start picking up some extra items. You start researching and making a list. You organize your closets and pantry. After making some progress you decide to talk about what you have accomplished with your neighbor down the street. Surely they have thought about the same because the nightly news is not getting better. If they haven't gotten a clue yet then you will be the good Samaritan who helps them or enlightens them. Don't be too upset when you get "that" look. You can tell by their facial expressions and body language they are uncomfortable and they may just flat out laugh it off and say something like "if something happens we'll know to just come to your house." Let this be a warning and red flag to you. In the event of a crisis the people who blow you off as a nut will be the first people knocking on your door wanting food for their kids. These are the people who stop at the store everyday to get supper and never have more than a day or two worth of food on hand. These are the people who will be angry and not think twice about taking food from your child's mouth to feed their own. This might be another scenario you want to think through. What will you do? Will you turn people away? My suggestion is to not let anyone know what you have or don't have.

There is no set way of doing any of this. There is no right way or wrong way....just get started. No one will love or care for your family the way that you do. Don't take a chance on having to rely on someone else to do it for you. Do something....even if it is just a little bit.

Kansas City, Kansas....This Could Be Another Real Deal

On Monday morning a man in his 40's came to the University of Kansas Hospital with various symptoms including high fever. The patient works as a medic on a commercial ship off the coast of West Africa and had been treating patients with many different ailments including fevers and diarrhea. Because there was no way for him to test any of the patients for Ebola, it was impossible for him to say if he had been in contact with anyone infected. It is estimated that he returned to the United States about 5 days ago and had fever, chills and vomiting when he arrived. He is presently being isolated in a special area as tests are run to determine exactly what his diagnosis may be. Officials are listing him as a low to moderate risk of actually having Ebola.

Watching this one closely....

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Prepping for Ebola or Any Other Disease ....A Place to Start

I have recently been asked by several friends how to get ready for Ebola. Prepping for Ebola is a little different then other prepping scenarios.

The goal is:
1) Get ahead of the game and avoid the public panic
2) Be prepared to shelter-in-place

You don't want to be out in a crowd trying to fight for the stuff you need. Shelter-in-place may be a decision that you and your family makes....not necessarily the Government. When the Government makes that announcement we are really in trouble.

The following list is just a "start". This list does not cover total breakdown of society such as no utilities or sanitation.

1) WATER (fill up your 2 ltr soda bottles to help save on expense) You need 1 gallon per person per day.

2) Can goods, box goods, rice, dried beans.....things like chili, ravioli, chicken and dumplings, soups would be perfect b/c it's a meal in a can - keep in mind that some things you need water to cook and prepare accordingly

3) Canned meat like spam is great to put in beans for flavor, tuna, chicken etc (check Dollar Stores)

4) Snacks, pop tarts, cereal, crackers

5) Chicken and beef broth or boullion

6) Pet food and supplies

7) Not a bad idea to stock the freezer and fridge. If it gets to where there is no power then we are really screwed but this list is not for that "phase"

8) Sodas, Drinks, Flavor packets for water, Gatorade, Sprite or Ginger Ale

9) rubber gloves for cleaning and also rubber gloves they use in hospital. I found both at Dollar Tree

10) Garbage bags and plastic store bags for small garbage cans

11) Bleach

12) Detergent...don't want to get caught with nothing to wash clothes; Cleaning Supplies

13) Hand sanitizers and plenty of hand soap

14) Toiletries (soap, shampoo, toothpaste, saline solution)

15) OTC meds....the last place your want to go is to a Dr. office or hospital. If you have children you will need to prepare for both.....Tylenol, Motrin, Cold Medicines, Stomach Meds, Pedialyte or something similar, Alcohol, Peroxide, Vit C

16) Toilet Paper

17) Surgical Masks

18) Bullets

19) Entertainment for kiddos; Batteries

20) If you get down to this point then go get more water and can't have too much

Approach this with a clear head and try to think through every possible scenario. Lots to think about....lots to do.....Get busy!